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April Is National Earth Month

A time to celebrate our planet and reflect on how we are actively participating in protecting it! Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd every year and it's the largest civic event in the world, with over a billion people participating each year.

I grew up believing that by recycling and conserving resources, I was individually making a difference in the health of the planet. But now, that effort is nearly futile as plastic and pollution take over the world. According to @uselessplastic on Instagram, "Only 5% of plastic waste is recycled in USA, with 95% of plastic ending up in landfills, the ocean, scattered into our air in tiny toxic particles, or shipped out to global south."

I still recycle via curbside and send things to recycling centers that cannot be recycled curbside (Styrofoam, plastic bags, batteries, paint, microplastics, etc.) while also intentionally making an effort to USE/PURCHASE LESS plastic, Styrofoam, and single packaged products. Search your townships recycling requirements and see if they offer monthly drop offs for cardboard, electronic waste, etc. But there are so many other things we can do to protect our planet!

  1. SUPPORT: we can easily help protect our plant by supporting accounts on Instagram and brands that are working to clean up the planet. Here are the one's I support: @uselessplastic @sungai_design @seaspiracy @the_plastic_coast @86plasticco @earthdaynetwork @blueland @thezerowasteguide @netzerocompany @eco.medy @4ocean @oceanconservancy @ecoimpakt

  2. PRODUCTS: If you have the passion and funds to support brands with a purchase, these are the ones I'd recommend:

    1. @getlomi - in home composter to help reduce food waste

    2. @grovecollaborative - subscription service that ships eco-friendly cleaning products, personal products and pet products. You don't have to subscribe either, you can purchase as needed or sign up for VIP status ($20 per year). I have a LINK for a free Mrs. Myers gift set as well!

    3. @beautybyearth - vegan, organic, cruelty free skincare. I have a 20% discount code ALEXISFITCO you can use here!

    4. @Trashie - help reduce fashion waste by recycling your unwanted clothes, bags, shoes and linens. Nearly all donated clothes are sent overseas and put into landfills, not where you think they go! The Take Back Bag diverts 15 pounds of clothing and textile waste from landfills and only costs $20. For every bag purchased, you'll receive a $30 rewards to redeem on sustainable brands! I have personally purchased over 5 bags myself and no longer donate clothes! I did a video on the take back bag as well, see that here!

    5. @4ocean - just by purchasing a bracelet, you help remove 5 pounds of trash from the ocean, rivers and coastlines and help employee full time captains and crew.


    1. Netflix series Our Planet, there are 2 seasons

    2. Seaspiracy

    3. Cowspriacy (I have not seen this but have heard it's a difficult watch)

    4. Breaking Boundaries

    5. Down to Earth with Zac Effron

Please see my previous blog posts on all things sustainably! You can sort the blog posts by category and select sustainability.


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