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Image by Luke Southern

My Story

Learn about my personal journey and what it's like to have me as a coach.

I was a certified Personal Trainer for 4 years but had to leave that position to be a full time student where I earned my Bachelors of Arts degree in Human Biology from The University of Michigan.


After that, I worked in a hospital as a phlebotomist (drawing blood) on all inpatients. Here's where I discovered the need for quality and personable nutrition coaching/guidance due to the disconnect I saw between dietitians and patients.


This led me to pursue a Masters Degree in Public Health in Nutritional Sciences from The University of Michigan School of Public Health. I graduated with my M.P.H. in the spring of 2021 and was accepted to Central Michigan University's 8 month Dietetic Internship.


Upon completion, I passed my credentialing exam and became a Registered Dietitian in the fall of 2022.  I currently work full time as a clinical dietitian in a hospital working with a variety of patients.

I have experience in eating disorders and recovery, contest prep dieting, reverse dieting, lifestyle changes, gut health protocols and clinical issues ranging from kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, GI disorders and nutritional support. 

Coaching With Me

Lets get cozy... but seriously, if you sign up to have me as your coach, I want us to create a relationship built on trust so we can develop a foundational coach-client relationship.

Whether you sign up for a nutritional assessment, an assessment with a follow up, or you want one-on-one personalized coaching, my goal is for you to leave our sessions feeling confident, educated and ready to tackle your health and wellness goals!

I do not believe in restrictive diets unless warranted to accommodate a medical condition (for example, gluten-free for Celiac's disease or other medical nutrition therapy methods). I believe in nutrition education guiding daily decisions balanced with personal intuition to give you a lifestyle you can sustain and enjoy!

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