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Gut Health Smoothie

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

This smoothie has truly saved my insides and always makes me feel like the epitome of health every time I drink it! You can find all the same ingredients I use at Costco (please sponsor me) or your local grocery store. So without further ado, here's the secret sauce and the order I build my smoothie!

  • Handful frozen bananas (we cut fresh bananas and freeze them)

  • Handful frozen strawberries (whole or sliced)

  • Half handful blueberries (frozen or not)

  • 1-1.5 cups water or milk (I prefer almond milk)

  • Add any and all powders (more on that below)

  • Large handful of spinach or greens (optional)

  • < 1 tbsp. nut butter or other fat source

I never use ice because the frozen fruit I use works as a great substitute! I use a NutriBullet to blend my smoothies but I'm assuming whatever type of blender you have will work as well.

For those of you that track your intake, this smoothie ends up being roughly 400 calories depending on exact serving sizes and the brand of powders you use. The approximate macronutrient profile for this smoothie is 40-45g carb. 10-15g fat. and 30-35g protein. That's a whole meal!

The deets on the all the powders in my ranking order of importance:

  1. Vegan Protein Powder - I say vegan because a plant-based powder will typically digest better than a whey based protein. Most people have a hard time digesting lactose but if you know you don't, then use whatever protein powder you like! I always try to find a brand that uses a natural sweetener and does not contain xanthan gum, which is a common thickening agent used in products. These can be irritating to the gut. If you only have one powder in your smoothie, this is the one to have!

  2. The Biohm Probiotic with Super Greens. I use Biohm because they are heavily invested in scientific research, they continue to create data-driven products, and they also partner with premium manufacturers to source the highest quality strains and ingredients for all of their products. I do have a discount code for all Biohm products. If you do choose to shop through my link use code ALEXISFITCO at checkout to save 10% on your order! I like to cycle on and off of this product in order to allow my gut to function without any supplements!

  3. Alkalizing Vitamin C powder from EquiLife - I mainly use this to boost my immune system during the seasonal transitions here in Michigan and when the pandemic outbreak first occurred. I take less than half a scoop in my smoothie and it gives it a pleasant citrus flavor. I'll use this for about a month and then cycle off until I feel I need an immune support supplement again. So, it's not my goal to finish the container.

Pro Tip: if you have powdered capsule supplements like a multivitamin, I twist open the capsule and add it to my smoothie to save me from having to swallow pills! I would not suggest adding a gel capsule like a fish oil, to your smoothie though.

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