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Your Virtual Nutrition Coach

Are you sick of chronic dieting?

Constantly regaining the same 10-15 pounds you've lost?

Struggling with where to get started?

Work With Me!

I am looking for determined individuals that truly want to make a lasting change in their health.

I don't do fad diets and I don't do quick fixes. I'm here to help you get healthy and stay healthy for good.

If your goal is to lose weight, heal your gut, get your energy back, or just finally feel better, then look no further!

My Coaching Philosophy

I focus my coaching on:

  • Healing relationships with food

  • Reverse dieting and reclaiming a healthy metabolism

  • Maintaining a healthy gut, a healthy weight, optimal immune system and hormone production

  • Achieving your best, true physique without crash dieting

  • Educating my clients on nutrition and how food works with their bodies

  • Utilizing a macro/calorie tracking or intuitive eating approach to reach your personal goals

It all depends on what you and your body needs! I ultimately want my clients to get to a place in their journey where they are free from dieting and know how to listen to their bodies!

Before Alexis and I decided to work together, we had a thorough conversation about my goals, where I was in life, and all of the different things that were happening in my life. She then built a customized (ACTUALLY customized) plan for me and my needs.

The first few weeks were tough and I wasn't doing what was necessary, so we reassessed and adjusted my plan.

Alexis was always available for questions and pep talks, held me accountable and SUPER knowledgeable! I always knew nutrition was important, but never truly took the time to assess all the details of it.

After working with Alexis, it's part of my daily routine: I can go out to restaurants, rely on intuitive eating, and feel way more at ease about my nutrition.


Nourish Your Mind

With educational blog posts about nutrition, how your body works, mental health and overall wellness!

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