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Stress Reduction, List of Resources and a Quick 5 minute Mediation Video

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

The pandemic presented the world with a situation none of us were prepared for. We never thought that there would be a time when we had to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world, stay inside and practice other preventative measures to keep us safe during a global virus outbreak.

Quarantine has looked different for everyone. Some people:

Are virtual learning

Are working completely remote

Have lost their jobs

Decided to retire early only to find themselves unfulfilled

Have gotten sick and struggled to recover or have not recovered at all

Are mothers who are now teachers

Are women who are now new mothers

Living in abusive households

Are struggling with their eating disorder again

Are struggling with their mental health disorder again

Some of the most pressing Public Health issues have risen again these past few years which are racism, the virus, mental unrest, alcohol and other substance abuse issues, sexual health, body image concerns and disordered eating and this is leaving people feeling lonely, isolated, disconnected, feeling like a failure, restless and anxiety ridden.

Whether this is you or not, below are some tips to help reduce stress during this time and anytime you need them!

Tips for Stress Reduction:

  • sometimes you need to be a little selfish

  • set personal boundaries and learn how to say no

  • get enough sleep- schedule a time to get in bed and a time to wake up

  • journal and write out your thoughts or confide in someone you trust

  • get movement in daily- this can be as simple as a walk or stretch routine, or a full workout

  • connect with others in some way, join a local Facebook group or community outreach program

  • practice deep breathing and gratitude daily (you can't be pissy when you're happy!)

  • have a growth mindset instead of a stagnant one

  • know when to ask for help and then ask for it

  • laugh more- watch a funny movie or spend time with pets

  • help others which builds upon your purpose and connection

  • express yourself and harness your creativity in some way

  • know the signs and triggers that bring up stress and anxiety in your life

  • take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to media

  • try to do some other activities you enjoy

  • get reacquainted with your spirituality lastly, do nothing - absolutely nothing. turn off all screens, all sounds and lay flat on the floor if you can. Close your eyes and try to quiet your mind. Focus on how your body feels from your toes to your head. Try to breath deeply into the tension spaces in your body and tell yourself that you'll be okay. You've made it through all the hard parts of your life already, you can keep going. Here's a quick mediation that can help you relax...

List of Helplines:

Find a health care provider or treatment for substance use disorder and mental health:

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